WordPress Maintenance Checklist

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You were in need of a website and opted for WordPress website. Now you have your website. Do you think everything is done? Have done enough to sit back and wait for the results? The answer is a big NO. People possessing WordPress blogs are also unaware of maintaining them. WordPress Maintenance is as important as WordPress website development. Regular maintenance helps your website to give the best performance. Hiring a WordPress Development Company can be of great help. They will provide you good WordPress maintenance services. WordPress maintenance services have to be done timely in order to get the best results.

There are some checklists that can help you with WordPress maintenance. We will discuss them here.

  1. Change your passwords

Passwords are strong weapons that you can use against your intruders. If you have a strong password, you avoid unauthorized access to your websites. So make sure that your password is strong enough. Not only that, you have to change your passwords regularly for more security. The passwords of WordPress admin area, FTP or SSH accounts, and your WordPress database should be changed regularly.

  1. Create backups

Backups are very much essential in WordPress management. There are plenty of plugins available that can automate WordPress backup process. Manually running your backup plugin and creating a complete backup of your website once in a while can help you a lot.

  1. Update all WordPress files

Your WordPress files include WordPress core, themes, plugins etc. For more security and good performance, you need to update your WordPress files and use the latest versions available. WordPress Updates page can help you identify the updates available. Check all the files once in a while to make sure that they run on latest versions.

  1. Fix 404 errors

404 errors are those which are displayed when a visitor clicks on a link that is not available on your website. 404 errors always creates bad user-experience. Check for 404 errors and try to fix as quickly as possible.

  1. Fix broken links

Broken links are something that can distract visitors a lot. Some links you have provided in your older posts may not be currently available. Broken links may occur accidentally too. Thus it becomes a broken link. Check your website regularly to find broken links. Fix these broken links as soon as you find them.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help you stand top in Google search results. There are many aspects that determine SEO. Yet certain plugins can help you to check all of them. A good SEO ranking can help you to improve your WordPress website and thereby increase the traffic on your website.

  1. Provide good security

If your website doesn’t provide good security, it is likely that many intruders will get into your website. Proper security can protect your files and other important data. There are plugins that can help you in this matter. They track changes in your file notifies if changes happen. This can help you prevent heavy damage to your website.

  1. Optimize images

Images can decrease your page load speed as they take more time to load. Take time to review the images that take too much time to load and reduce their size. This will help to improve the speed of your website and thereby brings more user satisfaction.

  1. Run Performance tests

Running performance tests of your website can help to review the performance of your website. You may have tested the performance while starting the website and it may have been a good result. But in due course of time, you add more content and stuff to your website and this may affect the performance of your site. So you should review the performance of your site regularly.

  1. Be Active

Your website should be active. That means the content and other stuff on your website have to be updated. You should validate your website regularly. Be active on live chats if you have it on your website. You should be readily available on your website. This increases the credibility of the customers and so increases traffic.

A good WordPress supporting company like Itmarkerz technologies can help you to maintain your WordPress website by providing complete help and support.

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Some WordPress Anti-spam Plugins that can help you

                                        best wordpress anti spam plugins

Your WordPress maintenance company may have created a good WordPress website for you and you may be quite happy with the WordPress support services they have provided. But WordPress can become a platform for spams that can irritate you. Have you added anti-spam plugins to your WordPress website? Has your WordPress development company given you enough information about anti-spam plugins? If no, don’t worry. I can help you with enough information about the anti-spam plugins that can help you.

When your site manages to gain traffic, spam will not be so good to see in it. For a website with more traffic, spams have become unwelcomed guests. This has become a reason for worry for most of the website owners. Most of them are automated spam bots. If you ask me how do these spams become a nuisance, the main reason will be through comments. If you do not monitor your comments and publish them as it is, then it is obvious that it will be filled with spams. This will reduce your SEO score and thus your website will come down very soon.

For avoiding spams, you will have to filter each of the comments. You will have to check them one by one for its authenticity. This will take a lot of time. Also, your WordPress database will get filled with spam comments when you manually start checking for the spams. This will make your website slow.

Here is where anti-spam plugins come to rescue. You can go through the features of each of the anti-spam plugins listed here and decide which one to choose. Choosing an anti-spam plugin will reduce your effort and also helps to get rid of spams.

  1. Akismet

This is a highly popular free anti-spam plugin developed for WordPress. Akismet is a cloud-based plugin which is powered by cloud servers to evaluate the comments for spams. When you register for the service, you will receive an API key that can be used to connect to the cloud service. Akismet offers enterprise-level spam protection for your WordPress website. The plugin uploads all incoming comments to the Akismet’s cloud. These comments then undergo anti-spam algorithms where correct comments are published and others go to the spam queue. Akismet checks 50,000 comments per month. It is free for non-profit and personal use but has to pay some amount for the commercial license.

  1. Anti-spam Bee

Anti-spam Bee does not require registration like Akismet. It also has many features that will help you in getting rid of spams. Also, it does not use cloud-powered spam algorithms. Anti-spam Bee uses server-side techniques for evaluating the comments. It offers the feature to block spams from a specific IP address, a country, or a different language. As it clears WordPress database of previously stored spam once in a while, it prevents WordPress from slowing down. Anti-spam Bee is completely free for both personal use and commercial use.

  1. WordPress zero spam

The main advantage of WordPress zero plugin is that it is completely free and does not require any additional setup or configuration. You just need to install it and activate it and you are protected from spams. It blocks 99% of registrations and comments. WordPress zero spam blocks IPs that are suspected to be spammy and also offers an optional logging by which you can check on who is trying to spam your site. It uses a very good server and client-side comment validation technique. It can integrate with other popular plugins too.

  1. WPBruiser {no -Captcha anti-spam}

WPBruiser is an anti-spam and security plugin which was formerly known as GoodBye Captcha. It is based on algorithms that identify spam bots. It does not display any captchas or common validation mechanisms to the users. It prevents spam from entering your WordPress website. WPBruiser applies anti-spam measures in signup pages, login and password reset pages that help to prevent spams before it starts.

  1. WangGuard

WangGuard is an anti-spam plugin that needs APIs to start working just like Akismet. It is cloud-based and contains many add-ons. It has many spam validators to protect your website from spams. WangGuard will be available free up to 5000 daily comment checks while you have to pay a certain amount for the premium version. The API connection is encrypted with SSL for more security.

  1. Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer is a simple anti-spam plugin. Just install and activate, Spam Destroyer is ready for use. It filters all the spams from your website. Spam Destroyer does not require any additional setup for functioning. It is a lightweight plugin and stops automated spam without putting off your comments. Spam Destroyer will be perfect for a low traffic website or a small blog.

  1. Growmap Anti-Spam Bot Plugin

This plugin protects your website from automated spamming bots. Before posting any comment or registering on the site, This plugin involves clicking a client-side generated checkbox instead of working a captcha. This helps the anti-spambot plugin to identify whether the users are humans and thus keeps the website free from spams. You will be able to set the maximum amount of comments a user can have to prevent the number of spammers entering your site. This is a free plugin option.

Select the best WordPress company for WordPress support services because only such companies can help you solve all the issues associated with managing a WordPress website. Itmarkerz technologies is a very good option you can have.

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How to speed up WordPress site?

Speeding Up WordPress

To have a website has become mandatory these days. WordPress is one of the best ways to create an efficient website for your website. It is an open-source CMS system. Top websites today use WordPress. Currently, it is the most popular website management system in the world. Many of you might be having a WordPress website. Choose the best WordPress development company to get the best WordPress maintenance services.

Creating a website does not complete your work. Managing your website is yet another big task. Your website should get one the of the top SEO rankings too. A good WordPress development company will be your choice for managing your WordPress website. A good WordPress website development company can provide good WordPress development services that would help you a lot.

SEO will be something that worries you a lot. Among the many factors that affect the SEO rankings, speed is a major one. The visitor who comes to your site will be with a motive to get the required information as early as possible. If your website takes too long to load, this will annoy the visitor and he/she may leave your site. Slow loading websites not only distract new visitors but also leads to a loss in existing visitors.

Studies prove that even a 2 second lag in the website can lead to customer dissatisfaction. That means you have to impress your visitor within seconds. If you don’t succeed at this given time, your website will suffer from a huge downfall in every aspect.

Certain tips may help you solve this issue. We can have a look at them.

1. Use a good WordPress hosting.

A good hosting plays a very important role in the performance of your website. Using a managed WordPress hosting is the best way to manage a WordPress website. It gives you the most optimized server configurations to run WordPress. Many features and security options are provided by the managed WordPress hosting companies. WPEngine is one of the popular managed WordPress hosting providers that can help you.

2. Use a good Caching plugin

As you may already know, WordPress pages are dynamic. That means WordPress takes a long process to build your pages. So when multiple people visitors are visiting your site at once it may slow down your website. A caching plugin can help you solve this issue. It makes your website two times faster than before. W3 Total Cache is a good caching plugin that can be useful for you. It has all the features you would need to enhance the performance of your website. Moreover, it is easy to install.

3. Optimize the images

Images are one such factor that attracts visitors to your site. Using colored images even helps to increase the number of visitors reading your content. But if your image is not optimized, it can create more issues than benefits. Non- optimized images are one of the reasons that slow down the speed of your website. Before uploading an image, use an image editing software to optimize the image. WP-SmushIt is a free plugin that optimizes your image automatically as you upload it.

4. Optimize your Homepage

As WordPress displays the full content of each article on your homepage, everything on the homepage such as tags, archives, categories etc., will take a longer time to load. Not only this, as everything is available on the homepage, the number of visitors to the other pages of your website will also be reduced. For avoiding this, you can show excerpts instead of showing the full content on the homepage. Also, remove all the unnecessary things on the homepage. A clean and focused homepage will be attractive as well as quicker.

5. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Visitors from different geographical areas will experience different loading speed according to the location of your web hosting servers. Using a Content Delivery Network will speed up the loading time of all the visitors from all over the world. CDN takes all the static file on the website and helps users to download them as quickly as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible. Free-CDN is a good plugin that serves as a CDN.

6. Optimize WordPress Database

When you have used WordPress for quite some time, your database will be full of information that you won’t need probably. Optimizing the database will help you to get rid of all the unwanted information that is stored in the database. WP- Sweep plugin will help you a lot in optimizing your database. It deletes the unwanted data in your database and cleans your WordPress database. You can also optimize the structure of your database with this plugin.

7. Disable Hotlinking and leeching of content

Hotlinking can be called as a bandwidth theft. This happens when other sites link images to your site from their articles. As a result, you won’t be getting any traffic to show for it. This increases the loading speed of your website too. You can avoid this by adding certain code to your .htaccess file.

8. Use a lightweight theme

While selecting a WordPress theme for your website, look for the speed optimization too because attractive themes may be sometimes poorly coded and so may lead to high loading speeds. The best way is to select simple themes and add good plugins to get advanced features.

9. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

These are two WordPress components that alert you every time another blog mentions you. It may sound useful, but it puts a lot of strain on your server resources. Turning it off can speed up your WordPress site more. Moreover, services like Google Webmaster Tools can be used for checking the links to your website.

10. Minimize HTML, CSS, and Javascript

By reducing the number of CSS, HTML, and Javascript files, you can increase the speed of your website. Optimizing them also removes all whitespace from codes. WP Minify is a good plugin that can help you in minifying HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

If you are unable to fix these issues by your own, go for a good WordPress development company that can help you. Itmarkerz technologies are one such WordPress development company that can provide you with complete help in WordPress development services.

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