What is WP Apayo ?

WP Apayo is a wordpress maintenance and supporting service by Itmarkerz Technologies. We help businesses set-up, maintain and scale their WordPress websites.

How it works ?

Have a problem with your WordPress website? Just give us a mail regarding the issue that you’re facing. We’ll sort it out in a short time frame.

How to get into WP Apoyo ecosystem?

Are you a business person using Wordpress for your online presence ? Are you struggling with updates and other maintenances process of wordpress websites? Don’t worry! Just contact us. We’ll do the dirty work for you.

How to raise support tickets?

Raise your tickets via email, using your Project ID or your project name. We’ll clear the bug for you in a short time frame.

How to request a server migration?

If you are planning to migrate your server from one hosting service provider to another, raise a ticket for the same with the details via email.

Why you need WP Apayo ?

WP Apayo is an ecosystem that stands for WordPress maintenance services like System updates, Security monitoring, Hacking protection, user experience monitoring, and page speed maintaining.

How to get into WP Apoyo ecosystem?

Our pricing starts from just $ 79 for a single job. Hire us for a job and if you love our work choose our annual maintenance packages.

How can I make payments for maintenance packages?

We accept Direct Debit and credit card or paypal for payments. As an alternative you can pay for a year's service upfront and avail special discounts. Demand this discount when you make the enquiry with us.

Can i cancel my services with Wp Apayo at any time ?

The discounted annual support package is not refundable. For other packages, there is a 30 day lock period. Rest of the amount paid will be refunded.
If you are unhappy with the services you received, don’t forget to inform us how we could have improved.

Does it matter which webhost i’m using ?

It doesn't matter at all. We've worked on many web hosting providers. We are happy to work on the web hosting provider you choose.
That said, we can make some educated recommendations for you if you have not made a call on your prefered web hosting provider.